Thick HEMP coat

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Thick hemp coat that plays an important roll across the seasons
Weaving hemp with a summer image on thick fabric, a coat that can be worn comfortably even in the cold season. With a relaxed silhouette that is easy to layer, and a simple design that is easy to match, a coat that can be used across the seasons of spring, summer and autumn Scandinavia.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of hemp that is nice in the cold season. Although hemp is known as a comfortable material in summer, hemp fiber has a hollow inside and creates a layer of air, so it exhibits a high heat retention effect in cold weather. Another advantage is that it allows moisture to escape to the outside, making it less stuffy. However, the thicker the material is, the harder the texture will become, so the it was dyed slowly in a kiln so it does't put a burden on the material, and dried carefully to give a natural texture. Moderate stiffness, softness and natural wrinkle is the attractiveness of this coat.

Design to enjoy layering according to temperature
The feature of the plump fabric is that it does not look cold even in the cold season, and it is compatible with winter such as wool. Please enjoy it for a long time while adjusting the warmth depending on what you fit inside. Although it is a rough boyish silhouette, the shawl color that draws a smooth curve adds femininity and you can dress it with an elegant impression.

Made in Japan

Material | Hemp 100%
Length | 92cm
Width of a body | 57cm
Length of a sleeve | 53.5cm

Model height | 172cm
Free size

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