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What is the most glassy glass? I considered it thoroughly. There are three major functional elements that form a glass. 1. Shape, 2. Material (Weight), 3. Capacity.

1. Shape It is easy to hold, good at the mouth, easy to wash. Can be used long in the standard. 2. Material Strong and hard to break, can be used without stress in everyday life. What you poured looks delicious. 3. Capacity The capacity should be convenient for everyday use. "THE GLASS" is hard to be broken, lightened, and realized glass which can be used in microwave oven and dishwasher by using heat-resistant glass (heat-resistant temperature difference 120 ° C) thick enough to the limit.

The size is considered to be the size that can be called the most standard. As a result, it came to three size development of Short Tall Grande. In other words, the same shape and capacity as that of the large-scaled coffee chain cup. This size is the standard for everyone, the form, the most easy-to-use, and I thought it would be a familiar glass for life. The simple and beautiful form harmonizes with any scene.

Because it is a heat-resistant glass, if you put ice in the glass and pour hot tea, you can make a clear and clear ice tea in no time. The manufacturer is HARIO Co., Ltd., which deals with test tubes, beakers and tea servers. Three kinds of standard glasses that can be called glasses, have 

size |φ8.5 × h13.5cm
Material | Glass (heat resistant)
capacity | 470 ml
weight | About 180 g

Heat resistant temperature difference  |120 ° C

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