Soft 5-toes socks

199 kr

Soft and comfortable cotton socks made with a sock maker in Koryo, Nara Prefecture. The five-fingered socks are effective not only for measures against the cold of the toes due to the cold of winter and the cooling of summer, but also for efficient absorption of sweat between the fingers and measures against odor and stuffiness of the feet. Because the toes move freely and the entire foot is well balanced, it is easy to maintain the correct posture and can be worn comfortably by hallux valgus and flat feet. One point adds color to the heel and toe that you see when you take off your shoes. There are also ladies with different color schemes, and they are also recommended for gifts.

material | 90% cotton, 8% polyester, 2% polyurethane

made in Japan

※ Please wash your hands weakly with lukewarm water (35-40 ℃).
* If you use a washing machine, please put it on the net.
* Do not bleach.
* Please hang it upside down with the rubber mouth up in a well-ventilated shade.

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