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A sleek and elegant design for adults and a comfortable backpack like a sports backpack
A rucksack that achieves a minimalistic job-like design.
In order to make the neat silhouette stand out, attention to detail is shining, such as making the outside pockets inconspicuous and using the zipper back.
Hidden pockets can be accessed from the left and right sides on the outside.
In order to fit the body more and reduce the burden on the shoulder, pads are put on the back and shoulder parts, and the upper part of the backpack is designed in a curved shape.
In addition, by using mesh fabric, it has good breathability and little friction with clothes, so you can use it with confidence even in hot weather and heavy use.

Inside pocket x 1 large, 3 small outside pockets x 1

size |  h42 x w32 x d12.5 cm
shoulder strap length: pproximately 72cm
weight | about 600g
materials  | 100% Cotton (No. 4, No. 11 cotton canvas) Polyester (back mesh part)
made in Japan (Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture)

◇ on the characteristics of the weave of a shuttle loom, there is the case that irregularities and uneven weave on the edge or surface of the fabric has occurred. Please note as a characteristic of the fabric.

Product characteristics
Kurashiki canvas fabric has a unique texture unique to canvas woven with a shuttle loom.

・ Thread joints and weaving steps (horizontal streaks and yarn knots) may occur.
・ Small protrusions and depressions may be formed on the canvas ears (selvage).
-Fading due to sunburn, discoloration due to rain, sweat and friction may occur.
Kurashiki canvas fabric is 100% cotton

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