Red Bean Eye Mask

399 kr

Eye mask wrapped with domestic natural red beans in linen fabric. After warming in the microwave, attach the included pile cover to use. Steam from red beans warms tired eyes comfortably. The cover made of non-twisted cotton is gentle on the skin and has a heat retaining effect. It can be used repeatedly if it is warmed up in the microwave, and the cover can be washed, so you can use it cleanly.

Pillow | 100% hemp, red beans (about 120g domestic red beans)
Cover | 100% cotton
Pillow | 9 x 19cm
cover | 10 x 21cm

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Precautions for use
* Heating with household microwave oven only.
* Please use with your eyes closed.
* Please remove contact lenses.
* Do not use for anything other than eyes.
* Do not use on skin that has abnormalities (trauma, eczema, rash, burns, burns due to sunburn, etc.) or
people who cannot remove this product on their own (children and drunk person or bedtime when you will fall asleep.)
※ If you have a failure in diabetes, such as warmth and blood circulation, those with sensitive skin because there is a risk of burns, please consult your doctor.
※ long period of time
* Do not use if it is burnt or torn.Used about 200 times due to the durability of red beans.* Pillows with red beans cannot be washed. The special cover can be removed from the main unit and hand-washed with a neutral detergent. After washing, gently dry in a well-ventilated shade.

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