PLUIE oval plate

385 kr

PLUIE which means rain in French. It was made from the idea of ​​a dish that is impressive to both the eyes and the heart. 

It is a tableware with a light impression like raindrops that makes an oval shape with fine uneven pleats. It can be widely used for daily dining, such as serving vegetables in abundance, or serving bread, cakes, baked goods with plenty of cream and fruits.

size | w22.2 x d14.5 x h3.8 / 290ml
material | Porcelain / colored glaze / reduction
* There may be individual differences in color unevenness due to the degree of firing and the nature of the glaze.

microwave | OK
dishwasher | OK

Made in Japan

Photos copyright by Studio M' / Marumitsu Poterie 

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