Oedo-koh Incense & Tin Holder | water drop 60 Sticks

329 kr

The culture of Edo ( the old name of Tokyo ) was a playful and stylish one , born out of a marriage of the elegant and the common , the coarse and the refined . People enjoyed the four seasons , treasured their friends and neighbors , and lived lives brimming with vitality . This series was created by master incense artisans in Tokyo to express the fragrant atmosphere of old Edo . A single thin column of smoke beckons you to the stylish , modernist world that Edo represents . We invite you to bask in the fragrant world of Edo .

These incense are specially produced with traditional Japanese techniques, so there is no bamboo core for a clean burning and pure scent.

Incense size | Approximately 56mm 
Product size | 10.2 x 6.7 x 2cm
Weight | about 42g
Material | Machilus thunbergi (base wood ingredient), fragrances
Product details | 60 incense sticks, incense stand (made of tin)

Made in Japan


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