Moomin Lunch Box

349 kr

Lunch box
Container type lunch box with a dome-shaped lid that can be served softly
Since it is a stylish container type, it can be used not only as a lunch box but also as an accessory box and interior!
Slim type that can be held with one hand even with large capacity
It is hard to leak juice by stainless steel stopper which can lock well and silicone packing

Microwave oven can be used by removing the lid
Dishwasher | OK

Lid ・Main Unit ・partition | polypropylene (Heatproof temperature /140 ℃)
Packing | Silicon Rubber (Heatproof temperature /140 ℃)
Stopper | Stainless steel

size | w18.5 x D9.2 x H6.5cm
capacity | 500ml
weight | about 181g

Made in Japan

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