Mirror Pop Cup & Saucer | D-BROS (517PC)

550 kr 850 kr
CUP & SAUCER                Online Exclusive
Rivulets of the heart

A set of cup and saucer. The surface of cup is mirrored which reflects the pattern of the saucer. Inspired by the idea of anamorphosis (distorted image),the trick of mirror shows different aspects by changing the position and the angle of the set. Both the cup and saucer are thinly finished, and the fineness of white porcelain is also distinctive. Each piece is hand-made due to the delicate and difficult finish of the mirrored cup.

Each Mirrored Cup is carefully hand-crafted from Hasami porcelain and coated in a thin coating of palladium, a precious metal rarer than platinum and gold.

material | porcelain, with palladium finish
size | cup: φ8.6cm x H6.5cm / saucer: φ19.8cm x H1.2cm
Care instruction:
Hand wash only with mild detergent and a soft sponge.
Made in Japan

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