Merino wool fingertip free gloves

220 kr

Fingertip-free gloves made of ultra-fine wool comparable to cashmere with an average fineness of 16μ.
Featuring spondish softness and cashmere-like slime, you can enjoy a thin yet bulky, fluffy and soft touch.

There is fabric up to the first joint of the fingertips, and the wrist part is also a long structure, so it is very warm.

size | Free size (total length about 26 cm)

material | Wool 100%

made in Nara, Japan

Features of wool material

■ It warms up gently

Wool is classified as a natural material.
The fibers contain a lot of crimps and air, and the hairs are entwined, so they have a high heat retention effect and are elastic.
Wool, which is a natural material, does not have the performance of being "warm immediately after wearing" like a heat-generating material, but it is a material that controls temperature and humidity, creates a good environment for the body, and warms it gently.

■ Easy to clean

Wool has excellent water repellency and has the feature of being "hard to get dirty" because it repels water-soluble stains such as water droplets and mud.
Therefore, it is a perfect material for products that come into direct contact with the skin, such as underwear and socks.
In addition, one of the attractions is that it does not easily lose its shape or wrinkle. It has strong resilience, so even if it becomes wrinkled, it can be easily restored by applying steam.

■ What is merino wool?

Merino wool is one of the finest wools and can be obtained from merino sheep.
It features finer fibers than other types of wool, is usually thinner than 23 micron in diameter, and is very soft to the touch.
In addition, the finest merino wool is called "extra fine merino" and is used for luxury men's suits and the finest knitwear.

■ What is New Zealand Merino?

New Zealand merino wool is considered to be the finest wool, and is taken from merino sheep, and is characterized by finer fibers than other wool.
It is usually thinner than 23 micron in diameter and is a very soft wool.
New Zealand Merino is very thin at 17.5 micron and has almost no tingling peculiar to wool. In addition, wool is a very warm and recommended material because it emits heat when it absorbs moisture due to its crimp shape.

If strong friction occurs during use, color transfer or pilling may occur. If fluff appears, remove it gently so as not to rub it strongly.

As it is a delicate material, we recommend using a neutral detergent and hand-washing (push-washing).
In addition, there is a risk of fibers sticking to it, so please wash it separately from other clothing.

In rare cases, dark colors may fade. Please wash separately from white goods.

Please refrain from using chlorine bleach or tumbler drying as it may cause fluffing due to severe shrinkage and damage of the fabric.

After washing, please arrange the shape and "dry in the shade" in a well-ventilated place.

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