Matsuyama Tokojo's Atatamenabe

399 kr

Matsuyama Tokojo's Atatamenabe and Yukihiranabe

A traditional earthenware pot that utilized solely heat-resistant soil of Iga. As it is ovenable and microwavable, it could also be used for cooking and heating of side dishes, rice porridge, gratin, and soup. The lovely forms would surely soothe the dining table.

Matsuyama Tokojo 

Atatamenabe S

Size: About W150 (Including Handle)xD115xH70mm
Capacity: About 200ml

Atatamenabe L
Size: About W185 (Including Handle)xD140xH90mm
Capacity: About 500ml

Material: Iga Refractory Soil
Available: Fire/Microwave/Oven
Unavailable: IH/Electric Cooktop

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