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MAME Form | Eggplant

JAPAN MADE series born by collaboration between amabro and traditional handcraft production base in Japan. MAME From is the second volume of MAME that has been very popular. 
With the handmade technique from the Taisho era, it made the kissho motif with a slightly thicken and warm uneven shape. A dish made precisely from the prototype to every detail, in different from the machine made product. It is also compatible with any dish and tableware with a calm color that adds a touch of vintage style.

All shapes are good lucky motifs, it is perfect for gifts.

Mamezara is a popular dinner plate in Japan. You can easily find pictures of Mamezara in Japanese table settings. It is a cute tableware, useful plate and a collectable items.

A collaborative work between Japanese traditional handicrafts and amabro with the historic traditional elegance and the quality, all plates are handmade by craftsmen.
size | w6.7 × h9.5 cm  
material | porcelain   
Made in Japan

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