LIEN flower-shaped plate L

369 kr

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A papaya type that is considered to be one of the family crests and patterns. Planned from the desire to change the plate from a supporting role to a leading role. It's fun to incorporate the characteristic shape into your usual dining table. The table, which mainly consists of round and square vessels, is very gorgeous. You can serve dishes elegantly not only for daily use but also when you have guests coming.

Imagine a table where you can deepen your bond by having a meal together.

size | White: w21 x d15 x h2.1 cm
Oribe (green): w21 x d15 x h2.1 cm
Indigo: w20.5 x d14.7 x h2 cm

material | White pottery (white clay) / white glaze / oxidized
Oribe pottery (white clay) / Oribe glaze / oxidized
Indigo pottery (white clay) / Ruri glaze / reduction

- Some size vary may occur depending on the color.
- Due to the degree of firing and the nature of the glaze, unique differences may occur in color unevenness.
-Due to the nature of the Oribe glaze of this product, some parts of the surface may have an oil film-like part or become glossy in response to the ingredients of the ingredients, but there is no problem in use. It will become less noticeable after repeated use.

microwave |OK

dishwasher | x

Made in Japan

Photos copyright by Studio M' / Marumitsu Poterie

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