LEZZET round lemon squeezer

275 kr

A vessel for enjoying herbs and spices. LEZZET means flavor in Turkish. Using red clay with warm pottery, It was conscious of the uniqueness of a vessel that can be used not only in the kitchen but also on the dining table. Hope you enjoy eating ginger, garlic, and lemon while rubbing or squeezing your favorite amount and enjoying the feel of the ingredients and the fresh aroma.

The lemon squeezer has a structure that blocks the lemon seeds, which is very convenient.
size | w12.5 x d11.5 x h5.7 / 120ml
material | Pottery (red clay)
White: white glaze / Reduction 
Gray: Pottery (red clay) / Color matte glaze /

Due to the degree of reduction / firing and the nature of the glaze, there are individual differences in color unevenness and charring.

dishwasher | x

Made in Japan

Photos copyright by Studio M' / Marumitsu Poterie 

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