Koishiwara ware Hakeme Mamekobachi

220 kr

Koishiwara ware made in Toho Village, Fukuoka Prefecture

The production of Koishiwara ware began as Fukuoka domain's third feudal lord, Kuroda Mitsuyuki invited potters from Imari to Fukuoka in the 17th century and started a kiln-equipped pottery workshop.

Techniques such as Tobikanna and Hakeme are brought from Hita City, Oita Prefecture. Thus, Oita's Onta ware and Fukuoka's Koishiwara ware are considered as sister wares.

How about some beautiful dishes with Tobikanna and Hakeme on your every day dinner table?

Koishiwara ware
Hakeme Mamekobachi
Size: About Ø8.5xH3.6cm
Material: Pottery

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