Kitchen Towel | Hanyafukin Cat

199 kr

Kitchen Towel | Hanyafukin Cat

A dishcloth made with one of the Nara's traditional specialties, Kayakiji (mosquito net). Sewn two sheets of Kayakiji together, it is very thin, easy to wipe tiny parts and excellent in water-absorbency. Also, large mesh of Kayakiji allows it quick-dry. Woven by a shuttle loom which is well-used for several decades, it is soft and has fluffy texture. Its edge is sewn by hand to make it more durable to fray. The more you wash, the softer it will become.

How to care | Wash well in cold or lukewarm water to get starch off before use. Do not use softener.

material | 100% cotton / mosquito net fabric 2 sheets
size | 58 x58 cm

made in Japan

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