Kitchen Cloth | Wisebecker

99 kr

Kitchen Cloth | Wisebecker

Philip Wisebecker is an artist and illustrator based in Paris and Barcelona. The unique perspective, the expression of the lines, and the paintings that are straight but strange, attract many people. I designed an illustration of a local toy with the zodiac motif he drew. A durable cloth that is sewn together with 5 layers of mosquito nets on the front and back of the surface is excellent in water absorption, and is ideal for wares, table cloths, and wipes. For greetings and handouts.

A durable washcloth made of five-layered mosquito net fabric sewn together, it is excellent for water absorption and quick-drying, it is also ideal towel for drying dishes. A perfect gift that is practical for every home.

material | 100% cotton / mosquito net fabric 5 sheets
size | 30 x40 cm

made in Japan

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