Kitchen Cloth | Lucky Cat

89 kr

Kitchen Cloth | Lucky Cat

Nara's traditional craft " Kaya-ori" is a fabric of loose weave. It allows the wind flow through and is very quick to dry. It is ideal for dish cloth or table napkin.

At the end of the year, it means that if you make a payment and get ready for the New Year, you will be lucky.
Therefore, we have prepared a congratulatory pattern with a different meaning from the words “Soji → Fukin → Wipe → Fu”.

A durable washcloth made of five-layered mosquito net fabric sewn together, it is excellent for water absorption and quick-drying, it is also ideal towel for drying dishes. A perfect gift that is practical for every

How to care | Wash well in cold or lukewarm water to get starch off before use.

material | 100% cotton / mosquito net fabric 5 sheets
size | 30 x40 cm

made in Japan

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