Kitchen Cloth | Kumamoto

99 kr

Kitchen Cloth | Kumamoto

This is a cloth made of mosquito nets with Kumamon's local character “Kumamon”.
Because we wanted to make use of mosquito net fabrics, whose demand has decreased due to lifestyle changes, we have created a functional and cute “clothes” that make use of the “plain weave” characteristic of mosquito net fabrics.
Cotton mosquito net fabric has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties. Softness increases as you use it, making it ideal for wiping towels and hand towels.
The package uses “Kumamon” with three different facial expressions. Look forward to which “Kumamon” will arrive.

A durable washcloth made of five-layered mosquito net fabric sewn together, it is excellent for water absorption and quick-drying, it is also ideal towel for drying dishes. A perfect gift that is practical for every home.

material | 100% cotton / mosquito net fabric 5 sheets
size | 30 x40 cm

made in Japan

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