Kintsugi Kit | Tsutsumi Asakichi lacquer

1 950 kr

Authentic Kintsugi with natural lacquer and pure gold powder.

Comes with a brochure and video commentary for each process (English subtitles available)

Kintsugi is a traditional technique to mend broken ceramics and woodwares by glueing with an Urushi (sap of certain trees) mixture and covering cracks with gold powder. In the Western culture, it is often associated with “mottainai”, a Japanese mentality to save, reuse and recycle materials. In Japan, however, Kintsugi is considered more for an aesthetic form of Japanese art. If the technique is only to fix broken articles, only adhesive materials do the work instead of using fancy materials like gold powder.

Kintsugi intentionally uses gold powder for decoration to highlight the joints of the broken fragments, which re-designs the original work.

For example, a historic Kintsugi art like a broken ceramic bowl for the Japanese tea ceremony has been highly valued after Kintsugi was applied because the lines created by Kintsugi are considered adding new scenery drawings such as flows of river waters on the bowl.


  • Natural Kintsugi lacquer 20g
  • Natural Paint lacquer 20g
  • 24k Gold Powder 0.1g x 2 sachets
  • 100ml bottle for Turpentine oil (empty bottle, oil not included)
  • Tonoko Powder 15g
  • Migakiko Powder 20g
  • Douzuriko Powder 20g
  • Water resistant sand paper #600 #800 #1000 x 12 sheets (4 each)
  • Gloves x2 pairs
  • Brushes x3 types
  • Spatula x1
  • Dropper x1
  • Masking tape x1
  • Small plate x1

Compact and functional
Design and storage capacity

- Designed to fit products securely in independent storage holes and trays
- Ingenuity to prevent the products from becoming cluttered in the box when sending. The storage hole has a notch in the stopper so that the product will not easily fall even if the box is tilted.
- Extra space available for additional ordered products can be stored.
- Even after use, everything fits in the box, making it easy to keep things organized.

Items in the set can be purchased individually when they are reduced or used.

About Tsutsumi Asakichi lacquer shop:
In the historic city of Kyoto, the center of Gion Matsuri is crowded in the summer. Tsutsumi Asakichi lacquer shop has been refining lacquer since its establishment in 1902.

Lacquer is the sap of the lacquer tree. A precious blessing of nature that can only be collected from a 10 to 15 year old adult tree for about one bottle of milk. We purchase, refine and formulate the collected lacquer.

With the times, refining technology and equipment have advanced, and the refining has changed from the original hand-krome to mechanical refining using a krome pot. Production has increased and speed has increased, but this spirit of "don't waste a single drop of lacquer" remains the same

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