Kamada Soy Sauce Based Tsuyu Noodle Soup Base | 200 g

95 kr

Natural tsuyu for full on Japanese flavour.

Kamada is a well known soy sauce producer in Japan, and this noodle soup base is useful not only for noodles, but a wide range of Japanese cuisine. Using umami-rich ingredients like salmon, bonito, shiitake, and kelp, this soup base can be used for making tamagoyaki omelettes, adding a little pizzazz to your stir fry, or adding a little Japanese zing to your mayonnaise. Also perfect for making tsuyu noodle soup for a wide variety of noodle dishes.

Dashi is a hugely important ingredient in Japanese cooking, as it is what provides the flavour base for most Japanese dishes. Proper home-made dashi is made by allowing umami-rich foods such as bonito fish and/or kombu kelp to infuse in water, but many Japanese people nowadays prefer the convenience of powdered dashi.

Made in Japan

Delivery to  EU only

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