Japanese stainless steel Grater

119 kr

Freshly grated has high nutritional value and contains a lot of vitamins.
Vitamins are lost over time, so it is best to take them just before eating.

This is a standard Japanese grater that is widely used in Japanese cooking. As an indispensable item in the Japanese household, it has traditionally been used for grating daikon radish, wasabi, garlic and ginger.

Stainless steel makes it hard to rust, can be boiled and disinfected, and is very easy to clean.

size |8.2 x 5.7cm
material | stainless steel

Made in Japan

This product is a sharp blade.
Be careful not to scratch your hands or fingers during use or care, especially when the vegetables become smaller.
Keep out of reach of infants.
Please wash well before use.
After use, wash and dry well before storing.

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