Japanese Incense sticks - spring edition

229 kr

An incense stick made by a craftsman from Awajishima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan's number one incense stick producer, which has been making incense sticks for about 170 years.

"Matcha" with a deep and sweet aroma. "Spring Mountain" is a scent of incense breeze swaying in the spring. "Cherry blossoms" have a subtle fragrance of flowers that symbolize Japan's spring. Elegant fragrance of the flowers blooming in early spring, "Shencho". A refreshing scent of Hinoki that has just budded, "Hinoki". A set of five fragrances suitable for spring.


Spring Mountain (little smoke)
A refreshing breeze scented by the mountains in spring
Hinoki (little smoke)
The scent of freshly budded cypress
Sakura (little smoke)
A subtle sweet scent of cherry blossoms symbolizing spring
Sinking flower (normal smoke)
Relaxing and elegant fragrance of flowers blooming in early spring
Matcha (little smoke)
A deep and elegant matcha scent

Content 5 types of incense sticks: 3 each (15 total)
size | 7.5 x 16cm
Made in Japan
* Please use the tip of the incense stick with a fire.
* Use incombustible containers such as incense burners and incense burners, and be careful when handling fire.
* Please be careful about ignition by ash.
* During ignition, do not bring combustible materials immediately after use.
* Avoid using near windows that are exposed to strong winds or near flammable objects such as books, and use them in a place that is out of the reach of children.
※ Please do not put in your mouth because it is not food.

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