Japanese Incense sticks - Winter edition

229 kr

An incense stick made by a craftsman from Awajishima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan's number one incense stick producer, which has been making incense sticks for about 170 years. The scent “winter wind” is inspired by the winter sea and mountains. The scent “ink brush” that polishes ink that has been loved by writers since ancient times. A refreshing “Reiko” that moisturizes the heart. Sandalwood is a sweet, refreshing and noble image. The scent of peace, “Fuyumori”, resembles a forest in the clear air of winter. A set of five fragrances perfect for winter.

[Winter Wind] (Small Smoke)
The origin of incense in Awaji. Scent of winter tide and mountain
[sumi painting (smoke small)
ancient times, the smell of the ink that has been loved by the literati Bokkyaku
[citron] (Yukemuri)
scent of fresh citrus to give moisture to the heart
[sandalwood (little smoke )
Sweet, refreshing and noble scent
[Winter Forest] (low smoke)

A scent of peace in the clear air of winter
Content 5 types of incense sticks: 3 each (15 total)
size | 7.5 x 16cm
Made in Japan

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