Hojicha 200g | by Tsujimineen

175 kr

Founded in 1899 Made by Tsujimineen

Centered around the stalks of 2nd bancha tea grown carefully in the clean waters of Ise, Mie Prefecture, Kagoshima, the mellow sweetness is characterized by direct roasting, and the plump aroma of sand roasting. It will be a roasted tea finished with.

You can enjoy the fragrant aroma and refreshing sweetness unique to stick hoji.

It has a mellow taste, so it is recommended after a heavy meal. In addition, since the caffeine is removed by roasting the tea leaves at a high temperature, it has less caffeine than green tea and is recommended as a tea to enjoy at night.

We will deliver it in a fresh state by nitrogen gas filled vacuum pack.

Net. weight | 200g 

Made in Japan (Mie Prefecture)

Expiration date | About half a year from the date of shipment
Please save it away from high temperature and humidity.

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