Furoshiki Patchon PP Black

279 kr

New material "polypropylene (resin material)" appeared for Furoshiki Patchon series! 
Furoshiki patchon is an item that can be used as a bag in an easy way. There is no need for a difficult tie just by passing the furoshiki through the patchon hole. The troubles such as "It's easy to fall inside" and "I'll see inside" can be cleaned up with the magnet attached to the fluffy patchon so that it can be covered. 

Furoshiki Patchon PP is made of resin material and has a matte, high-class texture. 

[Size] about 24.5 × 4.5 × 1 cm 
[Recommended bath size] about 70 cm ~ 100 cm 
※ The bath is sold separately. 

※ If you wish to package with the product set, please enter the desired product set. If you do not enter it, it will be packaged separately.

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