COCHAE finger doll handckerchief | Furoshiki | Tiger Yellow

119 kr

size | 35 x 35 cm
material | 100% cotton
Made in Japan

Taneji Nakajima tribute COCHAE finger doll handckerchief
Taneji Nakajima, the pioneer of origami zaiku, was based in Kyoto Shimogamo before the war. “Kawaii Origami”, which is graphic origami made in 1928 (published by Gohachi), is supervised by Taneji. It becomes a gauze handkerchief, which is a reproduction by modern origami designer COCHAE.
You can fold it into a finger doll. It becomes a communication tool between parents and their children. It's also good for gifts.

Graphic design unit COCHAE (Miki Takeda and Yousuke Jikuhara) work on the theme of “design of play”.
In 2003, in the classic world of origami, they produced graphic origami identified with the key words “origami is more pop!”
Currently, they are conducting a wide range of design activities including designing with a new viewpoint, the development of toys, and a workshop at a museum.

Taneji Nakajima
Taneji Nakajima is a pioneer of origami writing, origami-zaiku, and drawing origami.
The trade name is Kamo-origami; Kamo was the head of a school that promoted origami, based in Kyoto Shimogamo since the Taisho era.

His books are as follows: Oribina-zaiku Tehodoki (1932), Shukou-Kyozai: Origami-zaiku (1936), and Origami-zaiku (1938).

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