Fukamushi Sencha | 50g KRAV

200 kr
Fukamushi Sencha is a deep-fried and well-balanced green tea from this year's first harvest

Yuko Ono Sthlm's selected Sencha comes from this year's first harvest from Shizuoka. It has longer steaming time (Fukamushi) than other Sencha. Therefore, the tea leaves are more easily dispersed and follow along into the tea cup so you get more of all the good and useful.

Brewing / cooking
4 g of tea leaf
150 ml of water

1st brew 80 ° C / 30 - 40 s
2nd and 3rd brewing 90 ° C / 20s

Dry and dark, not above room temperature. Preferably in a double lid jar.

Brewing with lower temperatures gives you more umami, sweetness, in taste. For cold brewing of Fukamushi Sencha, about 15 minutes in cold water is needed.

Name: Fukamushi-Sencha
Ingredients: 100% green tea
Weight: 50g
Harvested: spring
Cultivators: Yabukita
Cultivated / manufactured: in Shizuoka
Sorting: Paper, Plastic (or according to your municipality's rules)
KRAV-certified by SMAK AB. SE ECO-03.

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