Ramen Chopstick & Rest Set

199 kr

Chopsticks with a heat resistance of 240 degrees*, it can be used not only for home use but also for commercial dishwashers. It can also be used as chopsticks for boiling water, heated frying pans and oil pans.

A matching chopstick rest is included, a design of a ”real” topping for Ramen noodle!

* Chopstick rest is not applicable.

size | 21 cm
Material | Chopsticks / SPS (Syndiotactic Polystyrene) Resin, Chopstick Rest / Polyester Resin

Heat resistant temperature | chopsticks / 240 degrees, chopstick rest / 80 degrees
Dishwasher compatible | Only chopsticks are allowed , Chopstick rest is not allowed

Made in Japan

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