Air freshener in milk bottle

199 kr

Air freshener in milk bottle

Air freshener that looks cute using a milk bottle as container. 2 types of gentle colors that harmonize with the interior in colors that match each scent. It also becomes the interior of the room and is perfect for unpretentious small gifts.

A pale shade like fruit milk
The first feature is the lovely look of the milk bottle as it is. Inside it is a gel with a color like very pale fruit milk. If you peel off the seal and the scent comes softly, it is simple bottle that can be reused as a pen stand or vase afterwards.

Two scents that can be enjoyed with aroma sensation
There are "Yuzu" and "green tea". If you remove the nostalgic paper cap, you will feel the scent softly. You can enjoy an aroma not like the common fragrance like other air freshener. In addition, the gel type deodorant air freshener gives a milder fragrance compared to the liquid type, so it is recommended for those who are not familiar with strong scents and it matches well in small spaces such as toilets.

Yuzu | Refreshing Yuzu Scent

Green tea | Calm green tea aroma

Material | Body: Glass , Cap: Paper

Size | φ5.5 x H15cm

The duration of the scent is about 1.5 to 2 months (depending on usage)

Made in Japan

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