hiking socks

199 kr
Seriously facing "mountain climbing"

Here are some of the things that you used when climbing the hill from Masaru Shichichi Shoten's Nara socks factory and the souvenir factory brand “2 & 9”. A three-dimensional and complex construction that can be seen at first glance as different from ordinary socks. I thought about walking while walking on the ground or climbing the mountain. When you move your feet, such as trekking or walking, please leave it to this shoe.

Three-dimensional structure to prevent stumbling
The three-dimensional structure of the toes naturally raises the toes, and prevents the fingers from rising and becoming easily tripped with fatigue. In addition, by adopting a tabi type, it is easier to put force on the thumb than usual shoes. The structure is easy to take the next step by firmly grasping the ground and kicking out strongly.

Improves cushioning and does not tire feet
The pile is knitted with cushioning to reduce the fatigue of your feet from prolonged hiking and walking. Absorbs the impact of landing and reduces the burden on the heel. Furthermore, the ankle is compressed and fixed by taping and special knitting to fix the heel (heel lock), preventing torsion of the foot and increasing the stability of the foot joint.

Prevent hard shoe slippage and stay comfortable until you return

material | 49% cotton, 21% acrylic, 17% nylon, 7% polyester, 6% polyurethane

made in Japan

● Please wash your hands weakly with lukewarm water (35-40 ℃).
● If you use a washing machine, please put it on the net.
● Do not bleach.
● Do not tumble dry.
● Turn it over and put the rubber opening up, and hang it in a well-ventilated shade.
● There are individual differences in comfort. Please note.
● This product is designed with a shape (structure) that is difficult to remove, but the size and shape of the foot varies from person to person, and it may be easier to remove depending on the compatibility with shoes and walking habits. We make daily improvements so that many people can wear it comfortably, and we are working to make it a better product.

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