Chrysanthemum Plate | HASAMI

345 kr

Sophisticated chrysanthemum plate made in Hasami in Nagasaki Japan. Hasami has a history of more than 400 years in crafting ceramics.

This series has a shape of carved chrysanthemum and comes in 3 different sizes of plates and 3 sizes for bowls for various purposes.
Handmade and coloured by hand, each plate has its unique tone and pattern appearance.

Chrysanthemum is recognised as national flower of Japan. It is also a symbol of longevity and has been integrated into Japanese life as edible and ornamental chrysanthemum

size | Large 21 x h 4cm , Medium 18 x h 3.5cm , Small 15 x h 3cm
material | Porcelain

Made in Japan

* Microwave oven and dishwasher can be used.

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