CHAMOMILE mamezara

195 kr

The decoration is European-like, and the shape is based on a Japanese melon pattern, which is one of the Japanese crests and patterns. 

It is a series that is both Western and Japanese, but it is an interesting vessel where the style changes with the dishes and ingredients you serve. 

A series that I would like you to match Asian home cooking with Italian, French and various delicious foods. Ideal for condiments, sauce plates, small baked goods, etc..

size | W9.8 x D6.3 x H2cm

material | Porcelain/Transparent glaze/Oxidation
/Copperplate print (Due to the characteristics of painting, wrinkles, misalignment, or rubbing may occur on the pattern).

microwave |OK

dishwasher | OK

Made in Japan

Photos copyright by Studio M' / Marumitsu Poterie.

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