Japanese candle aroma - 麻之香

349 kr
The shape of Japanese candles to suit the current life

Japanese candles that once played a leading role in Japanese light. Nowadays, it has been replaced by electric light, and the opportunity to see it only at Buddhist events has disappeared. This Japanese candle aroma is made from the desire to feel free to use it again in your life.

The core of a Japanese candle that creates a beautiful flame

The biggest difference between Japanese and Western candles is the core of the candle. A Japanese candle uses a core made of a “light core” that is made by removing the skin of the grass from Japanese paper, whereas a Western candle uses a thread as a core. The core of the Japanese candle is thick, and a large and bright flame is lit to absorb the wax well, so you can enjoy a flame with a different expression from that of a Western candle. The lanterns were once hand-made in Anhui Town, which is known as one of the largest production areas of grass and “Tanko Hiki” is the town's traditional industry.

Easy-to-use type that can be used without a stand
Traditional Japanese candles require a special stand, but we adopted a casual shape that can be placed on a non-flammable dish so that you can enjoy it easily. Burning time about 5 hours

Material | Vegetable oil (wood wax, tea seed oil, etc.), Japanese paper, grass
size | φ5 x 5cm

Made in Japan

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