CACHET flower shaped bowl

295 kr

A patterned vessel that expands the range of coordination. If you add one pattern while the plain vessels are lined up, the table will be tightened. The shape of the base vessel is also a Japanese tableware with a balance that is typical of Studio M, with decorative contours and subtle reliefs added to the rim. 

The paintings are hand-finished one by one by craftsmen, so if you look closely at the lines and stamps, there may be deviations or faintness, but that is also a taste unique to manual work. Goth blue and rust tea. Both are finished in a warm painting. Serve simmered dishes and salads in 5.5 inch bowls, and put fruits and side dishes in 4.5 inch bowls.

size | w13 x d13.5 x h4.2 cm / 70ml

material | pottery (loess) / with sketch / transparent glaze / reduction
/ iron powder may appear on the surface.
-Since the pattern is applied by hand, it may be faint, misaligned, or shaded. Please enjoy it as a handmade charm.

microwave |OK

dishwasher | x

Made in Japan

Photos copyright by Studio M' / Marumitsu Poterie 

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