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Messenger bag that makes you want to go out
Messenger (bicycle delivery) started in the West in the 1950s. It is said that the origin is that cyclists have contracted for off-season training and profit. BAGWORKS "Messenger Man" created such a messenger as a motif. It is a work bag that combines thick water-repellent No. 8 canvas and a tarpaulin that is resistant to dirt.

Wide and stable shoulder belt that is hard to get tired
For a messenger who runs around the city by bicycle, it is important that he is not tired. The wide shoulder belt eases the burden on the shoulders and provides a more comfortable fit. Since the bag itself is made lightly, you can easily go out.

A4 size fits perfectly
A4 size can be packed without stress in the bag. Because there is a gusset, it stores a lot of books and notes. There are two pockets for larger smartphones

Large gacha buckle with a feeling of commitment
The gacha buckle is matte plated and can withstand heavy loads. The messenger man's face was dared to be large. A plastic bottle holder can be hung on the D-can under the shoulder belt.

Material | No. 8 canvas and tarpaulin

2 inside pockets, 1 inside zip pocket

size | 36 x 30 x 25cm

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