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Designers note | Norihiko Terayama

Hourglass ... a bubble clock
hourglass? No, it's a "bubble clock".

Are the bubbles falling? No, the bubbles "rise" up and down.

3 minutes? No, the time is different. It can be a few seconds, or it can last for a few minutes.

"Enjoy" instead of "measuring" time
An hourglass is a tool for accurately "measuring" time.

But the time it takes to carve bubbles is much more ambiguous than that of sand. There are big bubbles, small bubbles, slow bubbles and continuous bubbles, so please enjoy the time when the bubbles are chopped up.

Designer |  Norihiko Terayama | studio note
・ Transparent

* The color of shabon water. All the glasses are transparent.

material | Glass, Shabon water
size | H150mm φ60mm

made in Japan

(Because it is handmade by a craftsman, each shape is different.)


* Please note that the color will change to milky white when used in direct sunlight, in places with high temperatures, or in places with low temperatures.
* The time is not constant because each shape is different, and the time will change depending on the temperature.
* Glass products are easily damaged if they are scratched. Handle it so that it does not collide with glass or hard objects.
* If you wash it with force, it may be damaged and you may be injured unexpectedly. Wipe gently with a wet towel.
* Do not place the product in an unstable place as it may tip over.
* Keep out of reach of children.

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