ASSORTI flower-shaped plate S

325 kr

Place cakes and sweets on tea time, serve cheese and dried fruits in a calm time at night, and spend a relaxing time with wine. Planned as a plate that you want to use for such a luxurious time. Available in two colors, white and black, to give an antique feel. The line that tightens the flat part of the raised surface like a picture frame is attractive.

size | W18.4 x D13 x H1.5 cm

material | White pottery (red clay) / Milky white glaze / Reduction
Black pottery (red clay) / Black matte glaze /
Due to the degree of reduction / firing and the nature of the glaze, there are individual differences in color uniqueness and burning feeling.

microwave |OK

dishwasher | x

Made in Japan

Photos copyright by Studio M' / Marumitsu Poterie

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