Amabie folded card

65 kr

How about a handwritten letter that conveys warmth to seasonal greetings and friends who haven't been there?
We will deliver a gentle message to those who received a tasty greeting card using retro printing.

Amabie dates back to the nineteenth century. Folklore story's tell of a mermaid-like creature "Yokai" that appeared from the sea around the Higo Country ( current Kumamoto Prefecture) and made predictions about good harvest and plague. "If the plague or epidemic strikes, show people a picture of me as soon as possible," said the yokai before disappearing into the sea.

Yogen no tori is one of a few prophetic Yokais. It looks like a two headed crow which one of their heads is white. Prophetic Yokai appear only when there's an important message to deliver. Legend tell that in 1858 during a cholera pandemic. A man name Kizaemon, who was the owner of Ichikawa village (now Yamanashi city). Reported of Yogen no tori in a disease epidemic diary. The script went on saying that the strange bird Yokai stated, that only people who gazed on it image day and night will be speared from the awful disease

size | Card 90 x 125 mm / envelope: 100 x 140 mm

material | paper

Made in Japan

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