2021 World Travel calendar

350 kr 499 kr

You can enjoy a round-the-world trip in your house over a year.

A calendar that travels around the world as if you were traveling. Following the 2020 edition, 2021 is a luxurious calendar drawn by designers for 12 months. Every time you turn the calendar at the end of January, imagine where the next country will be and enjoy such an exciting world trip. In the past months, you can cut out your favorite parts and decorate them in your room, make them bookmarks, write letters as postcards, and so on. Even those who purchased the 2020 version can enjoy it in a different atmosphere because it is composed in a completely different country for 12 months and the specifications have been changed.

Material | Paper (12 sheets spelled)
size | A3 vertical W285 x H396mm 

Made in Japan

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