100% Emerald Mountain Special Drip Coffee - 3 bags | TSUJIMOTO coffee

95 kr

Its flavour is a gorgeous floral aroma, crisp citric acidity and sweetness, and the texture and aftertaste that spreads in the mouth are clean and have a long-lasting pleasant finish.

Beans origin | Columbia
purification method | free washed
Ingredients | Coffee beans (powdered)
Net. weight | 10g x 3 bags

Manufacturer / roaster | Tsujimoto coffee

Nurtured by the rich blessings of the Andes, the finest mild arabica "Emerald Mountain" cultivated with great care is made into drip coffee.

Emerald Mountain is cultivated in the highlands above 1,600 m above sea level, and only ripe coffee cherries are hand-picked one by one.
After harvesting, it is refined by a water-washing process using a clear stream of the Andes, and after drying, it is further sorted by hand and cupped (appraisal) by a skilled coffee appraiser. Only quality beans are certified as his Emerald Mountain.

The green coffee beans that arrive at Tsujimoto Coffee are further hand-picked and carefully roasted.
The drip bag is filled with freshly ground coffee within about 24 hours after roasting, so you can enjoy authentic premium coffee at home.

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