Wool hand warmer | rope pattern

291 kr

Wool rope pattern hand warmers are hand warmers that use a combination of bulging wool and highly shrink-proof wool.

Since it has a double-knit structure, it is warm because it contains a lot of air.
The fluffy softness of wool is very comfortable.

As it has a rope pattern, it is also a point.

Double sewn to keep you warm
The material is a combination of merino wool, which has a beautiful luster and is smooth, and wool, which is made of short fibers and has a lot of fluff, so it easily contains air and you can enjoy a fluffy touch.

By weaving a fabric using such a material for a long time and sewing it in double layers, the fabric becomes thicker, and a layer of air is created to increase heat retention and make it warmer.

Our arm warmers are basically sewn with finger holes, but this product can warm the most exposed thumb part firmly by separating the thumb part and the four finger parts by sewing. I can do it.

size | Free size (total length about 20 cm)

material | wool 92% Polyester 7% Polyurethane 1%

made in Nara, Japan

* Product handling *
Since this product is dyed with natural materials in a dark color, the color may fade after the first few washes.

Please wash separately from white goods.

If you use a washing machine, please use the washing net and wash in the hand-washing mode.

Please avoid using chlorine bleach or tumbler drying as it may cause fluffing due to severe shrinkage and damage of the fabric.

After washing, please shape it and dry it in the shade.

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