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Discover Versatile Utility Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Embrace freedom in functionality that fits your lifestyle perfectly. In collaboration with Gakunan Woodworking, renowned for their craftsmanship in modular woodworking and production of various wooden products including first aid kits, we present our original wooden toolbox. Beyond its role as a first aid kit, it serves equally well as a sewing box or favorite tool organizer. Adapt it to suit different needs with adjustable dividers that offer flexible usage options.

Modular Design for Diverse Applications

Crafted with traditional joinery techniques, this toolbox boasts durability without the use of screws. Experience the expertise that has secured a 56% market share in wooden first aid kits nationwide. The movable dividers inside allow for customization, featuring removable compartments adjustable at two points to accommodate items of various sizes. This flexibility ensures optimal storage tailored to your favorite tools.

Enhanced by the Natural Beauty of Solid Wood

Made from natural ash wood, our toolbox exudes a gentle, rustic charm that seamlessly blends into any home environment. Protected with Osmo oil, it preserves the wood's natural texture while safeguarding against dirt, allowing it to breathe naturally. Silver-colored hardware and delicate handles add accents that complement the warm and inviting aesthetic of the wood.

Perfect for Your Lifestyle

Despite its compact size, the sturdy construction ensures reliability. Take it with you to your favorite spot and use it as you wish, reflecting your unique lifestyle. Explore the joy of personalized utility with this exquisite piece.

Explore More Options

In addition to this model, we offer a horizontal toolbox perfect for storing tools and stationery, tailored to different storage needs and spaces. Choose the size and shape that best suits your requirements and enjoy enhanced convenience.


size | 23 × 13.5 × H416 cm
material | Main body: Natural ash wood / Bottom: Lauan plywood, Surface coating: Clear oil finish
weight | Approximately 1055g
contents | Inner box: 1 piece

specifications | Surface coating: Clear oil finish

Made in Japan

Product Usage Notes

  • Please note that only the toolbox body is included; contents are not included.
  • As this product is made from natural materials, its color and scent may change over time.
  • Please use for its intended purpose only.
  • When transporting, ensure that all fasteners are securely closed.
  • Periodically inspect hinges and fasteners for any loosening; tighten as necessary.
  • Handle with care to avoid damage from strong impacts or excessive force.
  • Avoid use near heat sources, direct sunlight, or in humid environments to prevent discoloration, deformation, or deterioration.

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