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Charming semicircular wooden tray, a versatile addition to your home decor. Crafted with precision, this tray can be used on its own to elegantly display small items such as keys, jewelry, or candles. For added functionality, combine two trays to create a unique cover for your planter, giving your indoor greenery a stylish and natural look.

Embrace the beauty and practicality of our semicircular wooden tray, perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance to any space.

*Matt urethane paint finish.
*Can be used as a planter cover by
fitting the groove of the tray

Size | φ350×h 10mm (Hole 110mm) 
Material | Ruber Wood , Pine Wood (Like Wallnuts)

Since natural wood is used, the grain will vary from piece to piece.
Avoid using the product outdoors or in direct sunlight, as it may cause warping or fading. Wood is susceptible to sudden changes in temperature and humidity, so please do not leave it in direct exposure to air conditioning or on carpets. Wetting with water may cause warping, staining, or discoloration. When stains adhere, dry-wipe with a soft cloth. Do not use thinner, alcohol, wax, etc. as they will peel off the surface coating. Do not place hard or rough objects on the bottom of the product as they may cause scratches.

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