TORANEKO BON BON Tenugui | Bincho Charcoal

202 kr

With exceptional water absorption, rapid drying, and breathability, this fabric ensures sweat won't cling to your skin.

Its lightweight and airy feel remains comfortable even during prolonged wear, without causing shoulder stiffness.

Infused with Kishu Binchotan charcoal, the gray variant effectively combats sweat odors. Derived from Wakayama-grown persimmons, Kakishibu dye harnesses natural antibacterial properties, preventing both odor and bacterial growth.

Perfect for field or kitchen tasks, or as a versatile lunch box cover.


size | 31×110cm

material | 90% cotton, 10% rayon

(Kishu Bincho charcoal kneaded c fiber deodorizing function)

Made in Japan

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