Tomotake black cat paper coaster 5 pcs

85 kr

Coasters with adorable cats artwork by Tomotake that was originally created on mud dyed textile with a little of bit of hand stitches. Sold as a pack of 5. 

“Tomotake” is a unit name when the couple, Masahiro Asabu, who works as a writer with cloth as the main material, and Hiroko Asabu, a designer, are making products together.

With the concept to incorporate works as art into our lives as scenery, Tomotake have made cat design applied to the paper product this time was made by using a cloth that was originally mud-dyed, and finished with letterpress printing. It is one of Tomotake's charms with an exquisite sense of balance that is not over-fabricated, but subtle scrapes and blemishes make you feel calm and feel that it is connected to the kindness from the nature.

*Ink used for this product is completely food safe but the ink may fade in strong light so keep it away from direct sunlight when storing.

Size | Oval: 7.1 × 10.8 cm, Cat shape 7.6 × 9.6 cm  
Made in Okayama Prefecture, Japan

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