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12.156 kr
A stool that won a prize at the 1st Tendo Mokko Design Competition. "Murai" is named after the maiden name of designer Reiko Tanabe.
A simple and beautiful figure that combines three moulded plywood of the same shape without using hardware. The finish of the details is also carefully pulled out, such as the beautiful grain of teak being put together toward the center. 
It can be used stably because the upper surface is horizontal regardless of which side it is down, and it can be used as a chair or a side table, and also stacked. It is a stool that stimulates the imagination of the user.
material | teak (Natural)
dimensions | w45 x d43.4 x h36, sh36 cm 
weight: 3.3 kg
※ Good Design Award Winner 
Reiko Tanabe 
Born in 1934 in Tokyo. Joined Kenji Fujimori office in 1957. In 1960 "1st Tendo woodworking furniture design contest", announced a stool of geometric form "Murai stool" combining three molded plywood of the same shape. The fun of multi-purpose molding that can be used as a shelf or table is highly regarded, and it was selected as the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York in 1967.
TENDO MOKKO | Murai chair 
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■ Made in Japan

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