Tea Towel | morita MiW

412 kr

Tea towel of Imabari towel that you want to use in the living room and kitchen. It's a little bigger than a face towel and a little smaller than a bath towel, so it's perfect for wiping a large plate or as a placemat!

The beige gauze on the front and the vivid coloured pile on the backside deliver two ways of fun and a gentle texture.
Also suitable for bath time!

The design reflected the world of illustrator Morita MiW.

Would you like to join us for a happy time when the quiet air flows softly?

Size | 45 cm x 70 cm
Material | 100% cotton
Fabric | Tangis cotton, tropical cotton double-layered yarn / gauze pile weave
Imabari Towel Brand Certification No. 2020-1126

Made in Japan

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