SIWA tote bag S

894 kr

You can carry these things with you in your life. You can take things out immediately after opening the bag. I made an easy-to-use tote bag using new Japanese paper.

You can carry and use these things in your life. It's easy to open things and put things in and out. That would be the convenience of the tote bag. You can store not only personal items but also jackets and sweaters. The perfect size as a work sub-bag, we made a new Japanese paper, Hard Naoron, a tote bag with a storage capacity more than a small appearance.

The easy-to-carry handle allows you to carry it on your shoulder when your luggage is heavy. This handle is stretched from the bottom and sewn properly to the main body to ensure firm durability. The wide bottom is 15 cm. Piping is applied to the opening of the bag to improve durability. The pocket that can store your wallet or smartphone can also be used as an inner pocket by flipping the body over.

Has a wide gusset on the bottom surface to enable independence. It has a bottom plate on the bottom, so you can put a lot of things firmly and keep the goodness of a tote bag that is easy to organize. In addition, the size of the bag has been increased to reduce the strain on the handle, and the bottom is sewn in firmly.

It is gentle to the touch, durable and resistant to water. That is the characteristic of the new Japanese paper, "SIWA Bag" made of Naoron. A bag that can be useful in your daily life, with a heavy load of 10 kilograms, and can carry heavy things even if it rains.

Each piece is completed by a craftsman sewing with a sewing machine. Strength is enhanced by the structure with inconspicuous seams and the double structure of bag seams. For walks, shopping, and work. It suits a variety of clothes and fashion, and the texture will become even better as you use it.

Material | Soft Naoron
Size | w27 x h27 x d15 cm 
Property | water - and tear resistant, durable and lightweight

Storage | 1 internal pocket

Made in Japan

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