SIWA pouch mini

166 kr

I made it to store accessories such as rings and earrings and small items around me to protect them from scratches and rubbing. The soft Japanese paper that feels good protects the stored items. You can carry your usual medicine with you, or store your keys. It is also recommended to use it as a carrying case for earphones.

If you put a little force on the opening, there is a spring-type metal inside, so it will open with a rattling noise. You can quickly put things in and out, which is also useful as a compact wallet.

It weighs only 12 grams. You can use it repeatedly, and the texture will increase each time you use it. Each piece is carefully sewn by a sewing machine, making the seams inconspicuous. In addition, in order to further increase the strength of the material, it has a double structure of bag sewing.

The unique "wrinkle feeling" of the material Naoron was actually carefully examined and adjusted at the design stage. The longer you use it, the better the texture will be.

Material | Hard Naoron

Size | w8.2 x h10.2cm 

Made in Japan

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